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Scrippas on the rise: Lea Luellen

HAMPTON, Va. (July 6, 2020) - Lea Luellen, a 2020 Journalism graduate of the Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, lives in Vallejo, California. Luellen is a graduate student at The American University of Paris, enrolled in the Global Communications program on a Fashion track.

Lea Luellen

What I am doing: I plan on expanding my knowledge of journalism through international reporting while studying fashion abroad.

How Scripps helped me get here: Assistant Dean Chris Underation was the one who shared the International Journalism program at the American University of Paris with me. I honestly wasn't sure I'd get in, but after they expressed their interest in me for the summer program that was canceled due to COVID-19, I thought I'd apply for grad school there, and I now I'm packing my bags for Paris! If it wasn't for Assistant Dean Underation, I wouldn't have known about the program or how it aligned with all my interests!

How you can join me: I want to encourage black and brown journalists to travel abroad, not only because it's beautiful, but because it's our responsibility to tell our own stories and rewrite history from an Afrocentric lens. Whether your focus is on photography, writing, reporting, videography, etc., our stories cannot go untold. The more I travel, the more I realize how we are all connected on a global scale. Here's the link to the master's program at AUP.


IG: @LeaCybelle