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Q: What should I do to get advised?

A: Email/Phone your adviser your transcript, your completed course request form and set up a time for advisement.

Q: Where can I find my course request form?

A: http://docs.hamptonu.edu/student/Course_Request_Form_20210120152849.pdf

Q: What if I think I'm going to graduate soon?

A: All students must apply for graduation a year in advance. Read more: http://registrar.hamptonu.edu/graduation.cfm

Q: What do I have to do if I applied for graduation but did not graduate?

A: http://docs.hamptonu.edu/student/Graduation_Update_Form_20210201165151.pdf Fill this out, email it to your adviser. Discuss this during your meeting.

Q: What do I do next?

A: Show up for your meeting. Your adviser will talk about any adjustments you must make. Discuss internships and graduation. Complete your paperwork.

Q: What happens next?

A: Sign your finalized course request forms. Get your registration pin. Go to HUNet and register for classes. Send your adviser the completed schedule.

Q: What happens if a class is full or isn't offered?

A:Talk to your adviser to select an alternate class. Do not sign up for a class that is not adviser-approved.

Q: What happens if I am scheduled to graduate in December and I can't get into a class?

A: Go to your adviser.

Q: Who is my adviser?

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