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Hampton University's Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications Launches BRAND757, One of the Only Student-Run PR Agencies in the Area

Hampton, Va. (April 20, 2015) – The Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications (SHSJC) is again making its mark with the launch of BRAND757, Hampton University's first, student-run PR and brand agency in the university's nearly 150-year history. By the school's account, it is one of the only student-run PR agencies in the region.

The Scripps Howard School has a long-standing reputation for quality education and innovation. This latest initiative for public relations and strategic communication students also meets that high bar.

"The Scripps Howard School continues to provide its students with extraordinary classroom knowledge, coupled with experiential learning to prepare them for 21st century media careers," said Brett Pulley, dean of the Scripps Howard School. "Digital media and disruption are driving rapid change in both journalism and strategic communications. Real-world, real-time, practical opportunities put students on the path for future leadership and success."

Students were interviewed and selected recently for BRAND757 Officer roles. See below:

Brand757 Officers for 2015-16 Academic Year
Student Name Title Age Year Major Minor or Emphasis Hometown
London Coleman-Williams Director 20 Junior Strategic Communication Denver, Colorado
Alexis Bolden Assistant Director 21 Junior Strategic Communication Graphic Design Peoria, Illinois
Taylor Fuller Public Relations Director 20 Junior Strategic Communication Brooklyn, New York
Nicholas Johnson Finance Manager 21 Junior Finance Frisco, Texas
Keilan Roberson Graphic Designer 20 Junior Strategic Communication Graphic Design Dallas, Texas
Khadijah Givs Graphic Designer 21 Senior Strategic Communication Graphic Design Ft. Washington, Maryland
Briana Taylor Account Executive 20 Junior Strategic Communication Marketing Galloway, New Jersey
Margie Merritt Account Executive 20 Junior Strategic Communication Atlanta, Georgia
Casey Overton BRAND757 Associate 18 Freshman Strategic Communication Prince George, Virginia
Maya Allen BRAND757 Associate 20 Sophomore Strategic Communication Denver, Colorado
Marshea Walton Administrative Assistant/Social Media Specialist 19 Sophomore Strategic Communication Newark, New Jersey
Olyvia Fabre Administrative Assistant/Graphic Design Specialist 19 Sophomore Strategic Communication Graphic Design Rosedale, New York
Ryan Jordan Freelance Specialist 21 Junior Strategic Communication Psychology Manassas, Virginia

BRAND757 is a revenue-generating, student-run, public relations and brand agency, serving the Hampton Roads area and beyond. Similar to the more than 100 student-run agencies on campuses across the United States, BRAND757 will have full account teams, providing large and small businesses a full range of PR and brand services, such as media relations, collateral development, publicity, communications planning, social media, graphic design, web design, and event planning.

The goal is for SHSJC's 757 brand to be well-known for its top-notch services, including unique insight into consumer behaviors for college students and millennials.

BRAND757 Officers will be able to build their resumes and portfolios, become more marketable and competitive job applicants, earn first-hand experience, and become even more acquainted with a wide variety of professional multimedia techniques.

Efforts to bring the new, student organization to realization this year were led by Assistant Professor Tanya Madison Howard, chair of the BRAND757 Faculty Committee, also served by Assistant Professors Mavis Carr and Allie-Ryan Butler.

Professor Howard said: "BRAND757 is precedent-setting for the Scripps Howard School and its students. I'm pleased to be a part of this exciting effort to bring more real-world public relations opportunities to students for their academic and professional growth."

Whether it's exposure to state-of-the-art, on-site television stu¬dio ReadyCam and student-run radio station WHOV, or a high-tech classroom like the stock-ticker-equipped financial newsroom, Scripps Howard is providing stu¬dents with relevant experiential learning as they enter the crowded, competitive, and rapidly moving professions of journalism and public relations.