. Valentine's Day or just another Tuesday?
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Valentine's Day or just another Tuesday?

Story by Lyniece Hill

Shelves were filled with teddy bears, Hallmark was selling flowers, and Chick-Fil-A was preparing its heart-shaped biscuits and platters for Valentine's Day.

Some people can't wait for Feb. 14, but some Hampton University students were simply not in the spirit this year.

Tashiya Hunter (photo at right), a sophomore psychology major from Newark, New Jersey, said Valentine's Day is nothing short of an average day in her book.

"At times it excites me because it makes me happy seeing couples I know express their love for each other," she said, "but for the most part it's just another Tuesday."

Hunter is not the only one who isn't feeling the love. Sophomore Jarrell Dillard, a journalism major from Maryland, believes his relationship status contributes to his celebration.

"I'm single. It isn't a special day to me because I am single," said Dillard. "It's just another day."

Several other students interviewed have similar feelings toward the upcoming holiday. When asked what their plans were, many replied with "nothing" or "I have no plans." Some students even said their plans were to study. Others mentioned if they had a significant other they'd feel differently, but even some couples are following the trend.

Juniors Tai Stevens, a strategic communications major from New Jersey, and Stephanie Harris, a journalism major from Los Angeles, said that they won't be doing anything extravagant to celebrate.

"It's not that big of a deal," said Stephanie as Tai nodded in agreement. "Every day is Valentine's Day for us."

This year Valentine's Day does fall on a Tuesday, which can possibly leave students with little to no time to make plans for the holiday. But that's not the case for Evyn Williams (photo at right), a pharmacy major from San Antonio, Texas, who plans to enjoy the evening with friends.

"I bought advance tickets to go see "Fifty Shades Darker" with my five friends. Then we're going out to eat together to celebrate the love that's shared between us," said Williams. She then proceeded to say that Valentine's Day isn't strictly for couples: "I feel like Valentine's Day isn't just to celebrate your boyfriend or girlfriend, but all the relationships around you, including friendships."

It's safe to say that Hampton University students definitely have mixed feelings about the upcoming holiday. Some believe it's overrated and some believe it's a special day.

Nevertheless, Feb. 14 is Valentine's Day, but here at Hampton for some it seems to be just another day of the week.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.