. Gender bender: Valentine’s Day switch up
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Gender bender: Valentine’s Day switch up

Story by Amber Smith

The traditional Valentine’s Day of a man showering his woman with gifts seems to be outdated and overrated, according to some young women at Hampton University.

It’s 2017, which means out with the old and in with the new ways of women catering to their men, they say.

“This year I’m switching it up and treating my boyfriend to dinner and nice gifts. He deserves it” said Destiny McFadden, a strategic communications major from Hackensack, New Jersey.

This statement may be unconventional for many women who expect their male counterpart to go above and beyond on this special day with expensive gifts and fancy dates, but some women like this idea of reversing the roles for a day and see it as a refreshing change.

“It’s always good to switch it up when you’re in a relationship with a guy, it shows him that you’re independent and that you don’t always count on him to buy you stuff and take care of you” said Elan Cooley, a communicative sciences and disorders major from Englewood, New Jersey.

While it seems the women here are for this new trend, some men interviewed are not. Apparently sending flowers, chocolate, and being wined and dined by your significant other is a rite of passage for some men, and they prefer to keep it that way.

“Although Valentine’s Day is only one day out of the year, it is important for guys to spoil their girl and show them how much we appreciate them,” said Chris Carter, a five year MBA major from Washington, D.C. “Letting my girl spoil me instead on Valentine’s Day makes me feel somewhat emasculated.”

Some women said they were torn between if they would consider catering to a man on Valentine’s Day or stick with the more common traditions.

“Relationships are mutualistic and while I don’t mind showing my appreciation for my boyfriend, I would like to receive the same effort from him on Valentine’s Day,” said Diamonique Taylor, a nursing major from St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

While some people rather stick with traditions and others prefer to switch it up, they can both agree that new trends on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day are definitely on the rise.

Whether it's red roses or candlelit dinners, the celebration of love continues to be the main focus on this special day.

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.