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Scripps Howard Students Form Executive Board

Student Executive Board

On Tues., April 26, Scripps Howard majors were elected by the student body to serve on the first-ever Scripps Howard Student Executive Board for the 2011-2012 school year. The 12 elected officers will serve as a liaison between faculty and students to improve communication and assist the administration in fundraising, social media, and planning events that will increase school pride, unity and overall morale.

“[The Board] stepped up to the plate because we’re passionate about the school,” said President Jess Moore, a public relations major and rising senior from Raleigh, N.C. “We’re hoping to unify and energize students by getting them more involved in what happens at the school. We want to become more accountable.”

Other elected officers include Juan Diasgranados (Vice President), Alyssa Judd (Secretary), Lindsey Williams (Treasurer) and class representatives Courtney Cole, Ashley Jeter, Erik Kyser, Alexis Glears, Candice Brown and Tariq Paskel. Timothy Wiggins and Stephanie Baynes were elected Mr. and Miss Scripps Howard.

Currently, the Board is already preparing a calendar of events that include community service activities, a mentoring program, a “Welcome Back” social, a possible “Scripps Howard Week” and Homecoming participation. The Board will hold a general body meeting in the Fall for all students interested in assisting with the planning and execution of these events.

For more information contact the Student Executive Board at shsjc.students@gmail.com.